#35 People who only want to be your friend if you conform to be like them.
Category of Experience on Dec 20 06:24:25 PM
I agree(42) | Get over it(333)
#32 When someone is late when THEY told you what time to be there and you have to sit there all alone in a public place.
Category of People on Dec 20 03:43:26 PM
I agree(101) | Get over it(319)
#65 Immature people who start childish drama and still firmly believe they are 100% mature.
Category of People on Dec 22 07:06:29 PM
I agree(89) | Get over it(271)
#76 When Tosh.0 is not on.
Category of Television on Dec 23 05:26:47 PM
I agree(99) | Get over it(283)
#92 Gwinn lord
Category of People on Jan 11 01:48:56 PM
I agree(96) | Get over it(274)
#11 Being flooded by people you don't give a shit about!!!
Category of Facebook on Dec 19 10:55:21 PM
I agree(90) | Get over it(253)
#52 MTV, not even music television anymore
Category of Experience on Dec 20 10:38:32 PM
I agree(91) | Get over it(216)
#42 Apple computers
Category of Experience on Dec 20 10:33:58 PM
I agree(75) | Get over it(160)
#86 Handjobs for the homeless.
Category of Animals on Dec 29 12:19:19 PM
I agree(134) | Get over it(252)
#90 Girls that smoke weed. Leave it to the guys.
Category of People on Jan 10 11:05:09 PM
I agree(57) | Get over it(100)
#68 Chris Doerr not letting me fuck his girlfriend
Category of Music on Dec 23 12:20:04 PM
I agree(83) | Get over it(140)
#64 listening to some blab about hating something, then doing it.
Category of Experience on Dec 21 09:45:08 PM
I agree(129) | Get over it(217)
#115 When Chase tells me to do things!
Category of Relationship on May 03 10:49:29 PM
I agree(70) | Get over it(112)
#109 People posting thngs every five minutes
Category of Facebook on Mar 09 12:50:02 PM
I agree(230) | Get over it(365)
#98 When youre gaming mad hard in school and a teacher tells you to stop. ill game when i want
Category of Random on Feb 14 09:27:18 AM
I agree(182) | Get over it(250)
#16 When black people get mad if you don't call them "African American"
Category of People on Dec 19 11:00:42 PM
I agree(102) | Get over it(135)
#37 People who don't spell correctly.
Category of People on Dec 20 08:56:21 PM
I agree(138) | Get over it(176)
#95 People that play loud bass music at 2 AM.
Category of People on Jan 23 10:57:14 PM
I agree(147) | Get over it(179)
#66 Being annoyed by some one in the morning and it ruins the rest of your day
Category of Experience on Dec 23 11:05:27 AM
I agree(175) | Get over it(195)
#96 Andrew Joslin
Category of People on Jan 24 11:33:06 AM
I agree(185) | Get over it(205)