#27 People treating women like damsels in distress.
Category of People on Dec 20 12:31:08 AM
I agree(226) | Get over it(73)
#91 Surprise boner
Category of Animals on Jan 11 01:47:47 PM
I agree(304) | Get over it(106)
#87 Girls that make you feel like you're being cheated on.
Category of Relationship on Jan 05 11:00:09 PM
I agree(213) | Get over it(81)
#9 Listening to bitchy people talk about random shit that they can prevent.
Category of Experience on Dec 19 09:59:47 PM
I agree(227) | Get over it(102)
#13 My parents treat me like I'm 12 when I come home from college.
Category of Family on Dec 19 10:56:11 PM
I agree(178) | Get over it(88)
#114 Gingers
Category of People on May 03 10:39:05 AM
I agree(191) | Get over it(103)
#70 When moms yell at you for peeing on their children
Category of Experience on Dec 23 12:26:28 PM
I agree(102) | Get over it(66)
#1 Internet Explorer
Category of Personal Experience on Dec 16 08:32:14 PM
I agree(141) | Get over it(104)
#65 Immature people who start childish drama and still firmly believe they are 100% mature.
Category of People on Dec 22 07:06:29 PM
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#5 When people run and ride their bikes downtown! I've seen so many people almost get creamed from walking out the stores.
Category of Regular Peeve on Dec 18 11:39:54 PM
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#95 People that play loud bass music at 2 AM.
Category of People on Jan 23 10:57:14 PM
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#66 Being annoyed by some one in the morning and it ruins the rest of your day
Category of Experience on Dec 23 11:05:27 AM
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#115 When Chase tells me to do things!
Category of Relationship on May 03 10:49:29 PM
I agree(113) | Get over it(112)